Sofia Marques

KATIE (in promo videos)

Sofia Marques originated the role of KATIE during our early exploration of VIRGINS DIE HORNY and features in the current promotional video. Sofia was not able to continue with the production due to other professional commitments. We will always be grateful for Soifa’s contribution to our preliminary discussions, readings, and filming activities.

Sofia Marques started in theatre eighteen years ago through devised urban intervention and street theatre in Lisbon. She attended theatre school for two years and moved around Europe. Sofia has been awarded an MA degree in Acting from the University of East London. Sofia has competed additional training, including regular workshops with the Polish Physical Theatre Company, The Song of the Goat (Teatr Piesn Kozla) and with Punchdrunk at the Actors’ Temple. Sofia also holds a Performance Certificate from Goldsmiths’ University.

Sofia has been performed in many plays in London, whilst also heading her own theatre company, Bacalao Performance Company, an international theatre and performance company with an interdisciplinary and intercultural focus. Since 2012, Sofia has produced Properganda, a monthly event for artists in various disciplines to showcase their talent.

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