• KATIE – Helen Rose-Hampton
  • JIMMY – Alex Roseman
  • JAMES – Romanos Kassimis
  • JAMIE –  Neil Hobbs

Special Thanks to …

Sofia Marques, Henry Rylands and Kevin G. Cormack originated the roles of KATIE, JIMMY and JAMIE during our early exploration of VIRGINS DIE HORNY and are featured in the promotional videos. We will be forever grateful to the contributions made by Sofia, Henry and Kevin during our preliminary discussions, readings, and filming activities. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Cast Changes …

We were very pleased and excited to have Helen RoseHampton, Alex Roseman and Neil Hobbs join our production.  The talent and dedication that they bring to their exploration of KATIE,  JIMMY and JAMIE is extraordinary, as we are certain audiences will soon concur.

A Play by Sal Cesare